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About the artist

Bart Rentmeester is a Dutch glass artist, who recently moved back to The Netherlands after working at JamFactory in Adelaide Australia for almost 4 years. Inspired by his overseas experiences and intensive material investigation, Bart’s current work explores the many different techniques in hot glass and the potential of combining processes to create new possibilities.

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curriculum vitae

Working experience

2021                                         Self employed glassblower/glass artist Jamfactory, Adelaide

Feb 2019 – 2021                  JamFactory, Adelaide

                                                  Function: glassblower (associate program)

Jan 2008 – Feb 2019         ’t Ouwe Glasuus, Nieuwdorp

                                                  Function: co-owner, glass artist


Jan 2017 – March 2017       Restauration project

                                                  Artwork by B.J. Cowie



Apr 2014 – Sept 2014        Installation expert

                                                 Complex simplicity art installation by B.J. Cowie


Education and courses

2019-current glassblowing                                      JamFactory associate program (2 year)

2019                glasblowing 14 days                          Masahiro Sasaki ´Japanese kogei'´, Corning U.S.A

2019                color and design 4 days                   David Sequera, Adelaide Australia

2019                coldworking 5 days                           Yusuke Takemura, Adelaide Australia

2019                glassblowing 5 days                          Anu pentinnen, ´Roll up´, Adelaide Australia

2019                glassblowing 5 days                          Nick Mount, ´design and production´, Adelaide Australia

2016                glassblowing 2 days                          John Morran, GentGlas, Gent Belgium

2014                glassblowing 5 days                          B.J. Cowie, Stipglas studio&academy, Tilburg The Netherlands  2013                glassblowing 5 days                          B.J. Cowie, Stipglas studio&academy, Tilburg The Netherlands   2012                glassblowing 5 days                          J. Hanowski, Stipglas studio&academy, Tilburg The Netherlands                                                                    

2000-2004      chef                                               ROC Zeeland, Middelburg   

1996-2000      MAVO                                           Buys Ballot College, Goes         




Aug 2019                                   Sala exhibition, Grace Emily hotel. Adelaide, Australia

May 2018 – Oct 2018           spring exhibition, gallery keramische vormgeving. The Netherlands

March 2018 – Apr 2018        onder de zon, abbey of Middelburg. The Netherlands

Oct 2017 – Nov 2017            Corals, gallery Kunstuus. The Netherlands

June 2016 – July 2016           Atlas, Goes en passant. The Netherlands

Nov 2015 – Dec 2015           oud van nu, gallery Kunstuus. The Netherlands

Nov 2015                                  flowers, Gallery keramische vormgeving. The Netherlands

Scholarships & prices

March 2020                           Parklands art prize Finalist.

Aug 2019                                 JamFactory & Corning museum of glass ´medici collective scholarship´                                                                           14 days Japanese Aesthetics ”Kogei” — The Way of Making Art with Glass M.Sasaki



Feb 2017                                 Artist in residence, ags glass studio. Singapore


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